dita-louboutins.jpgMove over Paris Hilton! While we're sure your new shoe line will be fab, here are some celebrities we'd really like to see designing shoes...

1. Dita Von Teese

Never knowingly under-dressed, Dita tends to keep it classic with pair after pair of gorgeous Louboutins, like the ones she's wearing in this picture. This just tells us that the woman has taste, though, so I for one would love to see what she'd come up with if she was let loose in the shoe design studio. I'm guessing high heels would be the order of the day, perhaps with a shade of the forties style glamour Dita's so well known for. I'm drooling already.

bethdottoshoes.jpg2.Beth Ditto

OK, Beth, you've talked about designing for Topshop and New Look, let’s see what you can come up with for Shoewawa. Shoes, of course, are one of the few fashion accessories that look great no matter what your shape or size, so Beth won’t be able to make much of a statement about size here, but she will be able to allow her sense of style to be exercised to the full. Maybe some bold colours or glitter fabrics suitable for the stage? What would Beth Ditto do if she was a shoe designer?

3. Mary-Kate and Ashley Oslen

The Olsens already have so many fashion lines they probably have trouble keeping up with them, but what I’d really like to see them do is concentrate on a dedicated shoe collection. Platform soles and chunky styles would be my prediction for the Mary-Kate and Ashley shoe collection, but who knows what they'd come up with if they really got their teeth (or maybe their feet) into it? That's Ashley in the picture below, in some very high heels, but both Olsens tend to make shoes the centre point of their outfits - a good quality for shoe-designing 'slebs to have.

4. Kelly Osbourne

This may not be a popular choice, but Kelly Osbourne always looks like she's having lots of fun with her clothes, and what are shoes supposed to be if not fun? (OK, they can be practical, too, but let’s not talk about that) She's probably got enough on her plate at the moment with her rehearsals for Chicago, but if Kelly Osbourne did find the time to design us some shoes, I think "quirky" would probably be her watchword: think Irregular Choice crossed with Office and you'd probably be on the right lines.


74335417.jpg5. Kylie Minogue

Sparkly, shiny, small but perfectly formed! Well, that's Kylie, but what about the shoes? Actually, Kylie's shoe choices tend to be a lot like her, and she'd probably give Manolo and Jimmy (Choo, that is) a run for their money if she brought out her own line of shoes. They'd be high of heel, big on bling and delicately glam, like their designer, and she might throw in some metallic, over the knee boots for good measure. Kylie might pick up some shoe tips from her good friends Dolce && Gabanna, but hopefully not anything along the lines of those Lucite platforms she wore recently…

So there we have it – the five celebs I'd like to see designing shoes, bearing in mind that two of my would-be top picks, Gwen Stefani and Lily Allen, have already tried their hands at it.

Who would you pick?

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