My apologies for writing about the same shoe designer twice in one day, but while I was browsing the Steve Madden website for the last article, I couldn't help but notice something a little strange. "Hey, they've put a pair of Louboutins on Steve Madden's site by mistake!" I thought. They haven't though. The shoes on the left of this picture may look just like Christian Louboutin's controversial 'Emily' shoe boots , but they're actually 'Chap' by Steve Madden, who's pulling his familiar "looking a lot like Louboutin" trick again. The Louboutins are on the right, and the only difference I can see is the red sole - oh, and the massive difference in price, of course, with Madden charging just $149.95 to Mr. Louboutin's $1,053.

Will you be any more likely to wear them, though, now that you can buy a version for a fraction of the price?

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