No, it's not quite time for Ugly Shoe of the Week: these are driving shoes, so they're not really supposed to be pretty. (Although you could argue that's no excuse). I found them over on the French Sole website, which makes the somewhat surprising claim that "Driving shoes have become a fashion necessity for those who wish to drive and arrive in style and comfort."

Is that so, I wonder? Personally, I've never owned a pair of driving shoes, purely because I've never really seen the need. I can drive perfectly well in most of the non-specialist shoes I own, with the only exceptions being things like flip flops and slides, which I'd think twice about getting behind the wheel in.

Driving shoes, of course, are probably the safer option than most of my shoes, although I'd argue with the "fashion necessity" comment. These ones are £75, and come in a range of colours, including the gold and silver shown here. They're intended just for driving, and aren't hard wearing enough to stand up to long walks in the county and the like, so what I'd like to know is, would you buy them? Do you have a special pair of shoes for driving in, or do you just go with whatever you happen to be wearing that day?

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