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It's not necessarily the easiest thing in the world to walk in high heels, but as the saying goes, practice really does make perfect. If you're not usually a fan of shoes resembling skyscrapers, but the high heel musings of Ms Shoewawa and my fellow shoe obsessed writers have inspired you to ditch the flats and give heels a go, take a look at our trusty tips before you set off.

1. Chunky vs Thin
It is definitely easier to gradually increase heel height rather than buying a gorgeous pair of five inch Louboutins and expecting to slip them on and spend a night out on the tiles immediately. Start with low kitten heels, and then move up to wedges which are great because they give better balance and are often more comfortable. It's also best to consider starting with a chunkier heel which will mean that you can adjust to the extra height first, and then work on the balance part of the equation later.

2. Start off slowly
Before you can run, you have to learn how to walk, and before you can walk, standing is pretty much vital. Just by standing in front of a mirror, you can check out your posture and get accustomed to how you look with the extra heel height. Once you're feeling confident when stationary, start to take baby steps. Keep your legs straight and close together,pointing your feet straight in front of you as much as possible. Don't forget to use your arms; swinging them can help with balance.

3. Practice Practice Practice
Ok, so if you're an expert heel wearer or this is your first time wearing them, you'll probably think this is all a bit OTT. However, it can genuinely be very difficult to wear heels at first, and rushing out in them immediately can make you look faintly ridiculous/drunk.

4. Try to walk with more of a flat foot
As Linda Evangelista recommended in an article for The Guardian, try to get used to landing your foot flat to the floor. This differs to wearing flats because most people walk heel, ball then toe. Fabulous news for those of us with flat feet, then!

5. Extra measures
For extra grip on your high heels, score the soles with scissors, and go for bare feet and legs rather than hosiery. If tackling stairs, try to make sure that the sole and heel land simulatenously on each step. If there's a bannister rail, use it!

Do you lovely ladies have any other tips?

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Lucy Hulme writes for Shoewawa and The Bag Lady. She has broken her ankle once in the past, but it wasn't in a high heel related incident.