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I have a problem. On Monday, I'm off on holiday for two weeks. "Great," I hear you say. "So what's the problem?" Well, the problem is that I'm already over my baggage allowance - and I haven't packed any clothes yet. So far, it's all shoes. I, you see, am bad at packing. I can't bear the thought of getting ready for an evening out on holiday, and realising that the perfect shoes for my outfit are 2,000 miles away, on my bedroom floor. "Just one more pair of heels," I'll think, slipping them into the case and then sitting on it to try and get it to close. "One more pair can't hurt, can they?"

Well, in this case, they can. I'm off to the States: the land of the free and the home of Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and lots of other lovely stores, all selling lots and lots of even lovelier shoes. With the exchange rate making everything over there more or less half-price (thanks, lovely British pound!), my plan is to shop up a storm, returning to these shores with all - or at least most - of the lovely shoes I've been lusting over for months but haven't been able to buy because the stores they come from don't ship to the UK. In order to do this, I'm going to have to travel light, choosing the shoes I take with me with care, so that there'll be room in my case to bring even more shoes back. Here's what I'm planning on taking:

1 pair of flip flops
Well, you can't really holiday without them, can you? They're comfortable, go with everything, and - best of all - don't take up much room in my suitcase. A true holiday staple.

1 pair of canvas flats
I'm planning on doing a fair bit of walking, and these are comfortable but cute. Plus, they were so inexpensive that I don't mind if they get ruined.

1 pair of gold d'orsay peep toe stilettos
The colour of these will go with almost everything in my holiday wardrobe, and because they're dressy - but not too dressy - they'll work for both day and evening.

1 pair of silver d'orsay mid-heel peep toes
Well, the gold ones won't go with my silver outfits, will they? These have a lower heel than the gold ones and ... well, I just love them. I always find metallics to be the most versatile shoes around, so by taking a gold pair and a silver pair I figure I'll be ready for just about anything.

1 pair of silver leather ballet flats
These don't actually count, because I'll be wearing them to travel in. Sometimes I find myself wishing I had four feet, so I could squeeze in an extra pair of shoes that way. No, really.

And... that's it. I'm currently debating switching the silver peep toes for either some wedge heels or my favourite green strappy sandals, but either way, I'm going to be doing my level best to try and stick to five pairs of shoes. I'm feeling pretty nervous about it: it's the least amount of shoes I'll ever have taken with me on holiday, but I'm planning on doing a lot of shopping, so I figure I can replenish my shoe stock as I go along.

What about you? How many pairs of shoes do you take with you on the average summer vacation, and which shoes would make up your ideal holiday suitcase?

[Pink shoe luggage tag, $18 from Fluff]

Amber McNaught is the editor of Shoewawa. She has already paid to upgrade her luggage allowance, purely so that she can bring home shoes...

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