For those of you who love a lot of Louboutin, I've got better than a pair of his outrageously sexy shoes...I've got him on a trapeeze. Talking to, Christian Louboutin relates his feeling of freeness when designing shoes to how free he feels when on a trapeeze, a hobby he's had for over 20 years. Not sure if it's humanly possible but I think I love Louboutin 'the man' even more than I love his shoes after watching this clip of him sailing through the air. Plus 'here here' to his kicking all the sky-scraper-heel-haters into touch:

"I wanted to do shoes that were purely for seduction, for pleasure for sex. That's it. A shoe that you cannot run, you cannot even walk. If you want to run in these shoes, buy sneakers."

Well he told us, though it does make me wonder how all those A-Listers manage to walk the red carpet in his shoes of seduction. My guess is they have their PA's hand them a pair of flip flops once the paparazzi have all gone - designer flip flops, of course.

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