Yes, our My Favourite Shoes feature is back, and as the new editor of Shoewawa, I thought it was only fair for me to show you my favourite shoes before asking you to show me yours. When you have a shoe collection as big as mine, it's hard to single out one particular favourite: these are my newest shoes, though, so they're currently occupying the top spot. They're actually from Moda in Pelle, although I found mine in TK Maxx, and they're a combination of two things I don't normally wear - suede and animal print. That said, it's always good to try something different, and these do have two of my other favourite features - high heels and a peep toe, and I love wearing them with faded blue jeans They also have a Louboutin-esque red sole, for some reason - one day I will own the real thing!

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