emma%27s-shoes.jpgThere are few things more fun than looking at other people's shoes, and this week the shoes in question belong to Shiny Fashion Forum aficionado, Emma, who bought these Faith wedges for about £30.

"They weren't insanely expensive," says Emma, "but they are so comfortable, I could just live in them in the summer. They go with everything, and I always get complimented on them. I wore them to get a pedicure once, and when I put them on at the end, the beauty technician had to take a picture of my feet 'cos she said they looked so fantastic in the shoes, then she stuck the pic up on the wall behind her table as an example of her work!"

Wouldn't we all just love to get that kind of reaction to our footwear?

Show us your shoes! Email us your picture, along with a couple of sentences telling us why they're your favourites, and we'll give them their moment in the Shoewawa spotlight!

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