guccikelly.jpgLast week we took a look at some fabulous flat shoes, so this week I thought it was only fair to give high heels their moment under the Shoewawa spotlight! These are strictly "car to bar" shoes - you know, the ones that make people ask "How on earth do you walk in those?" every time you wear them. Well, we manage to walk in them because we love them - and because we wouldn't have it any other way.

Here are five of the tallest shoes in town, starting off with Gucci's 'Kelly' sandals, which you can see at the top of the page. A 4.5" heel with a huge platform means you'll be towering over your friends: as compensation, though, you have that gorgeous knotted peep toe and cutaway back, on a suede shoe that would look fabulous with opaque tights this autumn. If you're a fan of high heels, Gucci's newest collection is crammed full of them - check it out at the Saks website.


No, your eyes do not deceive you: those are six inch heels, and yes, they do look like ankle-breakers, don't they? They're Christian Louboutin's famous Pigalle pumps , and last year they were seen on every celebrity worth her stilettos. No wonder only celebs were wearing them, though: as well as that vertiginous heel, the waiting list was almost as long as the heels were high. They're still hard to get a hold of, but you can still pick them up on eBay , which is where I found these ones. And don't worry: if that high, high heel just screams "hooker" to you, there are still pairs around with a more acceptable 4" stiletto. Phew!


At 5", the heels on these Alexander McQueen snakeskin court shoes, are about as high as most heels get for day to day wear - although you could argue that only the most hardened high heel-wearers would get much wear out of these on a day to day basis. The delicate stiletto makes them look even higher than they actually are: while a chunkier heel heels will take more of your weight and be easier to walk in, these look like they'll force you to balance on your tiptoes - good job they've got that comparatively comfortable looking round toe!


High enough for ya? They should be: in addition to the 5" heel, these perspex-soled t-bars by Ruthie Davis also have a chunky platform to balance on. I've shown them in navy here, but they're also available in white, which may just make you look like you're walking on air if you have pale feet to put them on. There is, however, a non-slip sole to help your feet stay firmly on the ground, even when your head is in the clouds.


Although the heels on Fendi's 'Candy' platforms are a ceiling-scraping 5.5", at least some of that height is accounted for by the platform sole, so you may not feel like you're wearing heels quite that high. Or actually, maybe you will: luckily for you, should you choose to buy them, there's a padded leather insole to make them slightly more comfortable. And hey, if you don't want to wear them, I think any one of these shoes would be fabulous just to look at!

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