wedding-wellies.jpgLet's face it: for those of us living in the UK, this summer hasn't exactly been a great one, weather wise, has it? If you think we've got it bad, though, imagine all those poor brides who were dreaming of the perfect summer wedding, and are now faced with the prospect of marquees sinking into the mud and acres of damp grass to walk across for their photos. Luckily, though, all is not lost, and our sister blog Bridalwave has come up with the perfect solution in the shape of these wedding wellies from designer Marsha Ward. These are hand-customised to your specifications, so you can skip the Marabou trim if you'd prefer, and ask for some extra diamante or love hearts instead. I have to admit, it's not quite what most brides dream off when it comes to wedding shoes, but it's certainly practical, and you can always keep your strappy sandals for the evening!

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