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Last week I wrote about my not-so-secret-anymore habit of wearing Uggs and other comfort-based shoe types if it's just popping out for a walk or to the supermarket - or basically anywhere that I'm unlikely to meet anyone I know. After reading Orla's recent article on dressing from the feet up (yup, yup - me too), it got me wondering whether shoes are really the most important part of any outfit, and what people generally will judge each other based on.

Ok ok, so there are obvious flaws in my posing this question to you lovely readers (mainly because if you weren't all shoe-a-holics, you probably wouldn't be a Shoewawa fan in the first place), but I'm guessing that for many of you, if you like to keep on top of all footwear trends, you're probably fairly interested in bags and fashion too.

One of my mother's earliest pearls of wisdom was that the first thing people ever notice about you is your shoes. I'm not sure whether this is just the case for me because her words have always stayed with me, but I actually do completely base my first instance opinion of a person based on their footwear. Wrong? Quite possibly. Unfair? Almost definitely! I just can't help it!

On a date, I would immediately make a judgement about the man in question based on his footwear. I'm not a total stickler and most things will pass, although anything glittery or knee high is always a concern. At an interview, I always take my shoe choices incredibly seriously, and I use a quick glance at a person's shoe choice to try and decide whether they're laid back or serious, into fashion or not (of course), serious shoppers, wealthy, image-conscious.... the list goes on. In fact, I'd even go as far as to say that for me, footwear is as (if not more) important than an outfit and even a hairstyle.

Now I am far from perfect in the shoe department, as we all know from my secret welly-embracing activities, and so I'm certainly not criticising anyone else's choices of footwear. My point is simply that I can't help but look at what they're wearing and form an opinion about them (which can certainly be incorrect), partly based on that at first.

What do you think? Are shoes the first thing you notice about a person, or do you not really care what anyone else is wearing on their feet as long as you look good in your choice of footwear?

Lucy Hulme writes for Shoewawa and The Bag Lady and blames her mother wholeheartedly for her permanent near-bankrupt financial state due to excessive shoe purchasing.