Are you brave enough to wear thigh-high boots? Or are you turned off by very notion? I'm going to say this in confidence, so promise ya'll won't tell - I'm secretly quite intrigued by thigh-highs. Possibly because I have a little bit of a superheroine complex... I'd love to dress up in the boldest, baddest, edgiest clothes out there and pretend I'm a butt-kicking defender of the night, but I don't think I have room in my life for that. Or the abs and thighs for it, either. These Na Na 'Hallie' boots call up that kind of daydream all over again, even with the US$162.95 price tag - because that wide leather cuff at the top that unfolds into a thigh-high boot is just too cool. Anyone agree with me or think these are just too slutty?