Have you ever had a pair of "lucky" shoes? You know the ones: they're the shoes you were wearing that time you met the man of your dreams/ were offered your dream job/ won the lottery, and so forever more they're known as the "lucky" shoes, and you wear them until they fall apart. Then you maybe wear them some more.

Well, you probably won't be surprised to know that celebrities have "lucky" shoes, too, although you may well be surprised by their choices: Helen Mirren's, for instance, are a pair of stripper-esque perspex platforms, bought in a panic before last year's Emmy Awards, when the actress realised she'd forgotten to bring her heels, and then worn again this year. Dame Helen won an Emmy both times, so it's perhaps not surprising that she's calling the shoes "lucky". I couldn't find a close up of the shoes in question, because her long dress covers them up, but they're very similar to these ones, which Helen wore to the Screen Actor's Guild Awards in 2005. Who knew Helen Mirren was a fan of stripper heels?

[images: Getty]

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