Tracy Tjoeng writes...

Caution: the YouTube link contains strong language. NSFW.

For those of y'all who haven't seen this - I can't resist, I must share it with you, my fellow shoe addicts. Theres no denying that YouTube is one of the biggest things of 2006-07 and the same applies to the YouTubers who're thriving in that new medium. Love it or hate it, oddball performances are some of the biggest draws, so... Without further ado, I give you the early 2007 YouTube hit, Shoes, by Kelly (aka Liam Sullivan, a YouTube comedian.) The skit/song is unfuriatingly catchy ("These shoes are three hundred dollars!! Lets get 'em!") and watching it is somewhat akin to staring at a train wreck in slow motion.

There's been a recent revival of interest in Kelly and her shoes (Liam has released a new video, called 'Let Me Borrow That Top'), but the first hit is always the best!

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