Tracy Tjoeng writes...

Learn something new every day - or even better, learn a few new things every day. I had this lovely Marc by Marc Jacobs pump to show ya'll and I went a little bananas describing every favored detail when I realized there must be a better way to phrase "I love the menswear inspired flappy thing under the laces!"

Check out this cool "Anatomy" map, which helpfully points out all the important aspects of a shoe and succinctly labels each. Did you know a shoe has a "breast?" It is the "forward facing part of the heel, under the arch of the sole." And a "tongue" is the flappy thing under the laces. One of the more relevant, and better known, terms for the fall fashion season to remember: "toe caps" - which may be given more shape and definition through the "puff." For more on shoe anatomy, check out

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