640719172_l.jpg Among friends, I'm well known for my shoe addiction. My boyfriend knows that complimenting my footwear will produce a grin, and my mother is assured that any time I treat myself to a purchase it will never be something so useful as a pair of jeans. But, I ask my fellow fetishists, am I alone in letting them define my entire wardrobe?

I often find myself shopping to meet my shoe wardrobe's needs. Do you too dress from the feet upwards?

Perhaps I go at shoe purchases will wild abandon. Finding a pair of shoes I've fallen in love with will not allow me to include reasoned arguments like "I've got nothing I can wear these with". Just this weekend I bought a pair of cream shoes that are simply fantastic, but I know I bought them on the merits of one imagined outfit alone. Crazy, you might think.

I often mentally make outfit choices based on the shoes I want to wear, especially for nights out, and I'm now considering buying a new pair of jeans just to wear with this new pair.

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So tell me girls, am I alone? Or do you join me in shoe-centric fashion? Tell me I'm not alone!