640719172_l.jpg Orla Doherty writes...

I'll have to admit, I have a strange addiction to celebrity tittle tattle, and I could probably keep you up to date with the comings an goings of even the most insignificant and worthless of showbiz types. While I enjoy passing unfounded judgement on the clothes of said celebrities, I'm always at odds as to whether I should buy into anyone else's style.

These famous girls are lucky enough to have smart people behind the scenes picking out fantastic clothes, and, of course, shoes, for them to strut down the red carpet in, and they have the added luxury of the bank balance to splurge. Almost every red carpet in LA will have one pair of Louboutin heels grace its pile throughout an evening. But does that encourage your coveting, or dispel it?

I'm going to stoop to naming names, ladies. Victoria Beckham is a girl whose personal taste often offends my eyes, she wears some ensembles I'd run from if I saw them on a shop rail. So, when she wears a gorgeous pair of shoes it leaves me reluctant to admit their beauty. If I were lucky enough to have the money (or the ability to save) for the pair I'd be put right off by the notion of some other fashion savvy girl saying "Those are Posh Spice's shoes, aren't they?" It's enough to make me recoil in horror.

Am I alone in this? Perhaps it is my general contempt for the current breed of celebrities. Or perhaps I'm just being a snob. After all, if it were someone with style I'd probably be somewhat encouraged.

What do think? Do you have a shoe style icon, or are celebrities ruining all the fun for us humble shoe lovers?

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