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A few months ago, I told you about Victoria Beckham's advice to all high heel fans out there, whereby wearing a new pair of heels around the housew ith a pair of thick socks should loosen them up to fit your foot better. Many of you agreed, and lots of you came up with loads of other fabulous ideas as well. Carry on reading to see what they were!

1. Take some newspaper sheets and shape them inside the shoe so they're tight. Then pour alcohol (from a chemist) around the paper until it's wet outside, and put it in the shoe again. Apparently this is fabulous for making leather stretch if you have a pair of leather shoes which are pinching, but it takes around three days to work. Alternatively, as Arelya suggested, pouring the alcohol in and then wearing thick socks works even more quickly.

2. You could try putting leather shoes in the microwave inside a plastic bag (just for a few seconds) - but as Jimena, who made the suggestion, pointed out, there could be nails that aren't visible so it's a risky one!

3. Use a nail-file in the shoe where it rubs until soft.

4. If the leather is very tough, stuff the shoe tightly with newspaper or socks then cover the shoe with fabric and hammer it, softening the leather. Arelya recommends this if your shoes are too tough to wear in even with socks.

Do you have anyone fabulous tips to share with the rest of our Shoewawa readers? Post a comment and I'll update the post! Happy heel wearing...!

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