cate_duo.jpgCate Sevilla shares with us her trip to Duo's London fitting room, where she found the perfect pair of custom fit, calf fitting boots...

While I'm not exactly over weight (whatever that means anymore) I have one hell of a time trying to find clothes that fit. I know "join the club", right? From my FF cup boobs, right down to my feet, I have a hard time fitting into the latest fashion trends because, let's be honest, those short shorts at Top Shop don't exactly flatter my hips. In fact, I had never even bought a killer pair of skinny jeans because I'd didn't have a pair of calf fitting boots to pull over them...until now.

I was recently introduced to the lovely world of Duo, an amazing shoe company that understands that not every woman is the same size, and make custom fit, calf fitting boots that fit your legs perfectly. How many times have you found a beautiful pair of boots that you couldn't actually fit your legs into? Can you imagine never having to do that again?

lisbon_boot.jpgDuo's boots are made from the finest quality Italian leathers and suede, come in 21 different calf sizes and 33 styles, and are custom fit to perfectly hug your legs. While you can order online, or by phone, I highly recommend going into one of Duo's fitting rooms to be fitted by Duo's Fitting Angels. Last weekend I had the privilege of visiting Duo's London fitting room on Savile Row, and I couldn't believe how many women were lined up, waiting patiently for their turn to be fitted.

Much like other custom fit stores like Bravissimo, there is incredible feeling in the store. Being surrounded by that many women who will be getting a fabulous pair of boots that fit their legs (perhaps for the first time) was really exciting. Above anything else, it just shows what a demand there is from women who want clothing/shoes that actually fit their body type. Why should we keep stuffing ourselves in to high street fashions that don't even acknowledge that women come in different shapes and sizes?

The wonderful assistant manager of the London fitting room, Amber, was incredibly helpful and made me feel comfortable straight away. We walked around the fitting room, and she showed me a number of their boots, so she could get a feel for which style I preferred. While getting measured for a bra can be a lot more, um, intimate, you'll be pleased to know that getting your calf measured by a stranger is completely painless and not at all embarrassing. I promise. (Just remember to shave your legs.) Amber simply asked me to roll up my pant leg, and took a fabric measuring tape to measure the widest part of my calf on each leg.

genova_boot.jpgFunnily enough, like breasts, it's totally normal to have one leg that's a bit wider than the other. I tried the Bern, Elba, and Sicily boot, and found out how important it was to actually try on the boots. If you're comfortable ordering online, that is absolutely your prerogative and Duo have an excellent return policy if your boots don't fit, but I was thankful to be able to try on different calf widths and sizes to find the pair of boots that fitted me the best.

It was an amazing feeling to be able to zip up a pair of boots, and not have my skin pinching or my circulation being cut off. It was equally, if not more rewarding to not be embarrassed or be hard on myself because I couldn't zip a pair of boots up. Admittedly, it's ridiculous to blame myself or feel down when a pair of boots don't fit me because my leg is too big, but hey, it happens. And that is why I was so pleased to finally be in an environment that not only celebrates the differences in women's bodies, but embraces it.

There are Duo fitting rooms in Manchester; Amsterdam; Edinburgh; London, as well as Duo's flagship boutique in Bath. If you don't have a Duo shop near you, you can always order boots and shoes online, as well as by phone via their catalog.

Cate Sevilla is the Editor of Dollymix. You can have her boots, when you pry them from her cold, dead feet.

**This was originially posted on Dollymix**