rachel-zoe.jpgStylist Rachel Zoe is best known for dressing Nicole Ritchie, Lindsay Lohan and a bunch of other Hollywood clones, but she's also been giving some shoe styling advice over at Piperlime, listing the five shoes she says every woman can own. It's fairly basic advice, but let's just see how many of you have each of these shoes. Rachel says we all need:

1. A timeless patent
Well, patent is big news this season, but it is a look that never goes completely out of style. Zoe's advice is to buy black, but if you want to be on-trend, navy blue is this winter's colour, and will bring your patents up to date.

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2. A simple riding boot
I don't think I can totally agree with her here, because I don't think this style necessarily suits all shapes. Some legs (like my own) just need that little bit of lift you get from a heel, even if it's just a low one. A simple leather boot, though, is always a good idea, whatever heel height you choose to go for.

3. A stunning red shoe
I couldn't agree more. Red shoes add drama and a pop of colour to an outfit, and they go with more than you think, working well with black, navy, cream, gold, tan and even green.

4. A fabulous flat
Another thumbs up from me. Woman cannot live on heels alone, after all, and for those occasions where you're going to be doing a lot of walking, or just fancy a change, a great pair of flats is absolutely essential. I like metallics for my flats, because they go with most colours and are a bit more glam than matt colours.

5. A wild animal print
The only part of the list that I think could cause a bit of controversy! I love my animal print peep toes, and think they're a great way to dress up a basic jeans-and-vest outfit, but they're not to everyone's taste, and if I could only pick five pairs of shoes to last the rest of my life, I think I'd substitute animal print for a great pair of sparkly, strappy sandals for evening wear.

Which styles would make it into your top 5?

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