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A couple of weeks ago, when I wrote about my decision to not buy any more shoes until January, I knew there would inevitably come a time when I would be forced to write another column talking about how my resolve had weakened and I'd broken my promise by buying more shoes.

What I didn't realise was that I'd be writing that column just two weeks later.

Here I am, though: it's a mere fourteen days since my shoe-spending diet started, and already I have fallen off the wagon, for last Wednesday, I bought a pair of shoes. And then the following Saturday, I bought another pair. (OK, technically Saturday's pair were boots, but let's not quibble, here.)

I blame the gym. You see, a couple of weeks ago, I re-joined the gym, and very quickly realised that I had absolutely nothing in the way of gym clothes. Out I went to buy some, but my path to the sports shop took me past Matalan, and there, displayed prominently at the front of the store, were these:


In my defence, I walked around with the shoes in my hand for at least twenty minutes before deciding to throw caution to the winds and buy them. The deciding factor? Well, they were only £12. So cheap they hardly counted, I told myself. And anyway, it was a one off: a "too much of a bargain to miss" moment. It would never happen again.

Of course, it did happen again, and it happened again just three days later.

I had gone out for the express purpose of taking my winter coat to the dry cleaners. I promised myself that was all I would do, but my path to the dry cleaners took me past New Look and... well, it wouldn't hurt just to look, would it?

Of course, when you're a shoe addict like me, "just looking" isn't as easy as it sounds. And as I walked into the shoe department, I was met with the sight of the perfect boots. Now, I find it hard to buy boots. I have skinny legs, so most boots look like wellies on me. These ones looked just the right width to fit over my jeans without gaping too badly, and they were exactly the kind of style I'd been looking for. There was just one pair left, though, so obviously I knew they wouldn't be in my size.

I picked them up. They were my size. And so it was that I ended my first week of "not spending money on shoes" having spent money on, not one, but two pairs of shoes. I have promised myself that that's it - there will be no more shoes now until the end of the year for sure. I did like the look of those patent stilettos I spotted in Matalan, though...

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Amber McNaught is the editor of Shoewawa. She really means it this time when she says she won't be buying any more shoes this year...