Here in the UK, it's finally starting to get cold enough to wear boots, and while there's a part of me that's really excited to be able to get my winter shoe collection out again (and add to it!), I'm also already missing the ease of summer shoe-dressing.

Although I love the look of winter boots, I much prefer summer shoes: partly because I'm a big fan of sandals and peep toes, and partly because it's just so much easier to get dressed in summer! In winter, you don't just have to think about boots and shoes - you also have to think about tights and socks, and although that's far from a big deal, I much prefer being able to throw on a pair of sandals or mooch around the house in my flip flops and bare feet.

Today's Monday Question, then, is an easy one. What's your favourite shoe season? Are you a summer lover, or more of an autumn/winter girl? (And if you're lusting over either of the shoes above, by the way, both the boots and the flip flops are from Faith).

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