green-slides.jpgI'm starting to see a pattern emerge here. As much as we all love to look at gorgeous designer footwear, most of the shoes you nominate as your own personal favourites
tend to be the bargains you've managed to snap up for a song, and have been wearing and loving ever since.

Just to prove the point, Shoewawa reader Sonja says she picked up these green Lifestrides slides for just $7 when she was working at Macy's. Bargain! "Who doesn't need a pair of green slides?" asks Sonja. "Who? Plus, since they're Lifestrides, they really are way comfortable. I love 'em. No one has to know I only paid $7 for them. Well, except the whole Internet now, I guess."

Got a pair of shoes you'd like to share with the Internet? (Not literally, of course - a picture is all we ask!) Email us your pictures and don't foregt to tell us why you love them!

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