me.jpg Laura Street writes...

I hate trainers: I don't really get the hype around them. I have one pair and don't even think that they're particularly comfortable. I never, ever do sport so have no physical requirement for a pair. Because of this, I pretty much live in flats (unless I'm brave enough for heels which I'm working on!). My flats are worn until they are almost falling apart which angers my Mother to the max. This week it reached a point where even I thought it had gone too far so went out in search of new, slightly waterproof cheap flats. I object to paying lots for flat shoes as I will wear them out and/or get bored of them. They also have to be comfortable...

There are plenty of flats around but many of them are still in a ballet pump style which (I think) has been slightly overdone. Others are made of a non waterproof material which isn't ideal to wear in a country where it rains 364 days a year!
I found a really funky pair by Melissa at Poste Mistress for £39.99, which isn't a lot but I was hoping to spend around £25. There was also a pair in Office (very similar to a pair I have previously owned) for £25 but I had to remind myself of the rain.

I don't think of myself as being particularly picky but I just couldn't seem to find anything that I liked. I saw plenty of flat brogues but don't think that I'm "cool" enough to pull that off. There seem to be a lot of summery flats still in stores, I don't mean sandals or flip flops but merely flimsy pumps.

I eventually found (and fell in love with) a pair of neutral coloured pumps at Zara with brogue detailing (very similar to the Miu Miu shoes). They were £39.99 but at least they weren't £210, right?

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