peep-toe-boots.jpg Peep-toe boots are normally a big fashion no-no in my book. There's something that just seems wrong to me about boots that have an open toe: I mean, can you think of an occasion when your feet would be cold enough to require boots, but at the same time warm enough for you to want to feel a little air circulating around your toes? I can't, which is why I think it's a crying shame that Moschino Cheap & Chic have chosen to ruin what would have been a gorgeous pair of ribbon-toe booties by opening up the toe.

Without that small detail, these would be stunning: the purple patent leather is fashionable at the moment, and the ribbon laces make the look ultra-feminine. Then there's that peep toe. Now, I guess you could just about get away with this if you managed to hunt down a matching pair of tights to wear with them, but I'd much rather have the gap filled in. What does everyone else think?

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