uncomfy.bmp Lucy Hulme writes...

Amber and I have now both admitted our deep dark shoe secrets - that we each own a pair of Uggs. Yes, we're ashamed, and no we didn't buy them because we thought they were the height of fashion. The reason was comfort, all the way.

I also own a fair few pairs of hopelessly impractical shoes. There are the wedge heels that I bought from Topshop a few years ago that don't really fit but I just had to have them. There are also the fantastic red court shoes from Faith that weren't available in a size 6 so I bought them on the basis that it wouldn't hurt that much if I had to scrunch my toes up a tiny little bit to get them on.

This all reminds me of the Friends episode where Monica buys an incredibly expensive pair of boots just because they're on sale, despite the fact that they're agony to wear even when she's sitting down. That, my friends, has been me on a few too many occasions - in fact, I was once in a shop when the sales assistant herself actually told me not to buy a pair of shoes that were clearly a size or two too big, after I'd just explained my plans to put cotton wool at the bottom whenever I wore them.

So ladies, today I want to hear your shoe buying tales - does your heart rule your purchases, or your head?

Lucy Hulme happily admits to her shoe addiction, but hasn't reached the stage in recovery where she's ready to change her bad old ways just yet.