boots-ankle.jpgThis week we're using Play the Shoe Stylist to help out one of our readers. Caroline writes: "Hi! I was wondering if you could help a fellow shoe lover out -- I have these boots in grey, and I can't seem to find anything to wear them with! Do you think you could do a 'Play the Stylist' with them? Thanks!"

We certainly can, and it's now your job to help Caroline find a suitable outfit to wear with her boots. The rules have changed slightly this week, so take a look under the jump to find out how to play, and then have fun playing the shoe stylist!

Play the Shoe Stylist - The Rules:

From now on, you must email or post your outfit suggestions as a single image. Your image should be at least 430 pixels wide and you can either post a link to it on Photobucket or another image hosting site or email to us directly.

In addition to your image, you must also send/post links to each item you have used.

Note: If you are putting your image together using Polyvore, you must still submit the links to each item you're using - don't just send us a link to your outfit on Polyvore. Please either email us the links or post them as a comment on the entry - if you add them to your Polyvore page we won't know they're there and will assume that you're just submitting an outfit without links.

Things that will help us:

>> Send your image in .jpg format if possible
>> Don't hyperlink the image links, i,e. write them as rather than Shoewawa
>> Tell us what each item is that you're linking to, i.e. Dress: That way we won't have to open the link to find out what it is (sounds silly, but saves us a lot of time when we're putting the roundup together!)

A Re-Cap of the Original Rules:

Take over the site! Style an outfit to go with the shoe we've chosen
- We won't pick 'easy' shoes, they'll always be a bit unusual or unique
- Post details of your outfit as a comment on this post, or email a SINGLE graphic.
- Include links to each item so we can see what you're talking about
- Have fun!

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