louboutin-anemone2.jpgWhen we were putting together the Shoewawa Christmas Top 20, it took us all of about 20 seconds to agree that Christian Louboutin should be number one. But which pair of Louboutins to go for? The fact that we were so spoiled for choice was definitely a sign that Mr. L. deserves his place on the top of the chart, and we eventually decided to go for these bow-backed 'Anemone' pumps, which have been causing a stir since their release earlier this winter.

Now, we know these shoes aren't to everyone's taste, and even I have to admit to finding the bow just a little too big to be practical, but they're so supremely festive (by which I mean, "they look just like a Christmas present") that they seem a good choice - and if you don't want to wear them, you could always just sit and look at them! They're currently sold out at Net-a-Porter, but you can still find them on eBay, where they're currently selling for in excess of $1000.

Have a wonderful, Shoey Christmas!

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