100blogslink.jpgJust to make sure you have enough to read over the festive season, Shiny Media is spending December counting down our top 100 fashion and lifestyle blogs. Today it's the turn of Shoewawa, so here are a few of our very favourite shoe blogs!

1. Manolo's Shoe Blog

The Manolo, he loves the shoes. The Internet, it loves the Manolo – every one's happy! (Except the Croc lovers, of course, who're not so keen on the expensive shoes so beloved of the Manolo and his legions of fans.) One of the wittiest sites around, and read even by non-shoe-lovers for that very reason, Manolo continues to fight the good fight against ordinariness and ugliness, in shoes and in life.

The Manolo says:

"It is again Monday, and you woke up filled with indignation at the dreary, narrow-minded, Croc-wearing peoples who would ruin your extravagant shoe-based fun. Who are they to suggest that the purchase and enjoyment of $500 shoes is in any way immoral? Bah!"

2. Shoe are You?

Meghan Cleary is America's Shoe Expert, and with a book (The Perfect Fit: What your shoes say about you), a TV show (Shoe Therapy, on the Home Shopping Network) and a Podcast Series (also called 'Shoe Are You?), there's not a lot Miss Meghan doesn't know about shoes. Luckily, she's willing to share that knowledge with us in her blog, which features beautiful shoes by the dozen, footwear advice and analysis.

Miss Meghan says:

"If you've been watching Shoe Therapy on HSN, you'll understand what I'm talking about when I say that new shoes are better than a box of chocolates…"

3. Heel Candy

Sara at Heel Candy works at Nordstrom, so, as you'd expect, she really knows her shoes. She may only own 16 pairs of her own (she says she doesn't buy "unnecessary shoes"), but she's more than happy to help the rest of us add to our collections. And add to them, and add to them…

Heel Candy says:

"On sale designer flats…yes, I’ll take one in every color, thanks…"

4. Shoe Dish

Shoe after beautiful shoe – and a few ugly ones thrown in for us to snigger at!The subtitle of the blog is "so pretty you want to pet them" and Shoe Dish is right – we do!

Shoedish says:

"At first I didn’t know what was happening and then there was a flash of light and then I started to feel a warm, tingly sensation all over, and then it was as if I was floating in a shoetopia of sorts. Wait a second, that’s not heaven, that’s a shoegasm!"

5. Shoe Blog

It's called simply "Shoe Blog", but you'll find more than simply shoes at this site, run by three girls with a passion for – what else? – shoes! There's also shoe accessories, shoe news, shoe sales and … well, you get the picture.

Shoe Blog says: "After a 7 year hiatus, Manolo Blahnik gets back to designing footwear for men. It’ll take a very fashion forward man to pull off the leopard sandal and blue slingback look."

6. Style Bard Shoes

If you like to save money on shoes, this is where to come. Style Bard is stuffed full of special offers, coupon codes and sale information, so you need never spend too much on shoes ever again (although we know you will!)

Style Bard says:

"The Bard is a girl who believes that "retail value" is never the final word."

7. Grand Mademoiselle Shoe Blog

The Grand Mademoiselle has a problem many of our readers will be familiar with: a large shoe size which many designers don’t deign to make shoes for. Her blog chronicles her ongoing search for the perfect pair of large size shoes, with a bit of fashion thrown in for good measure.

The Grand Mademoiselle says:

"The Grand Mademoiselle is faced with a moral dilemma; should she reserve her limited funds and dutifully stash away that 10% of her income each month? OR should she splurge on her greatest desire, a new pair of Loeffler Randall's?"

8. Shoeaholics Anonymous

Kim is the president of Shoeaholics Anonymous, and, like many of us, she's a shoe addict, with more pairs of shoes in her closet than she'll ever have time to wear. Luckily for us, Kim's shoe addiction has resulted in a blog filled with great deals and wonderful shoes. More power to the shoe addicts!

Kim says:

"I personally own hundreds of pairs of shoes, many of them I have never worn (in public anyway). I can’t resist a pair of shoes on sale that I may need to wear someday! So, if you have the same problem as me (and can admit it), I am here to help!"

9. Shoe Hunting

Don’t you just hate it when you spot the perfect pair of shoe on a celebrity, and don't know where in the world they got them from? Shoe Hunting is bound to know: the site features celebrity shoes a-plenty, plus shoe reviews and lots of pretty pictures. We love the pretty shoe pictures…

Shoe Hunting says:

" If an A-lister is wearing it, does that make it okay for the rest of us to accept UGGs? Also, how long do you think UGGs are here to stay?"

10. Sole SheBang

"Let the shoes shine!" says the banner, and that's exactly what this site does, with not too many words, just lots and lots of shoes. You'll also find information on those all-important shoe sales, too.

Sole She Bang says:

" It’s the Whole Shebang at Soleshebang - Designer shoes, brand names, shoe sales & special events - if it’s on our radar, we blog it!"