I though the Prada fall 2007/08 shoes were amazing. They were innovative and have influenced the shoe market somewhat. But the spring 2008 shoes are a different kettle of fish so to speak. They're definitely more art than fashion forward wear. Case in point, these Prada Flower-Heel Mary Janes which appeared on the runway. They will set you back a tidy $750, but they're made from purple and green velvet with green patent leather trim. Sure the bow detail is cute, but there is just something so retro and hippy-dippy about the crushed-look velvet. And the heel... well it just reminds me of something the step-sisters would wear while torturing Cinderella.

Though on the Neiman Marcus site, it does say that a customer can only order "no more than 3 units of this item every 30 days". So maybe I'm alone in my thoughts, though I don't mind some of Prada's other Spring 2008 shoes.