crocs=phone-case.jpgBrace yourselves, people. You may have hoped that the Crocs craze was dying a slow death (how much longer can people think plastic shoes are stylish, after all?) but this week our sister site, Shiny Shiny, brings us tidings of the Crocs mobile phone case: where will this madness end?

As you can see from the image, the case is basically a Croc for your phone. It comes complete with "heel strap", to keep the phone safe, and can even be accessorised with 'Jibbitz' charms, just like the real thing. There's also a panel at the back which you can use to store your credit cards and important documents, showing that, just like the shoes, the Croc phone case is useful, but not remotely stylish.

It'll be available soon in Europe only, and will cost £6.95.

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