Another high street shoe retailer has been forced to destroy hundreds of pairs of shoes after being accused of copying designer styles. We noted the similarity between Gina's 'Zeta' and Moda in Pelle's 'Tallulah' styles back in May 2006, but we weren't the only ones. Gina, too, have apparently been noticing some striking similarities between their designs and those of the high street chain, and those similarities have just cost Moda in Pelle £100,000 in damages, plus the cost of the shoes they've had to destroy.

As well as the 'Tallulah' style shown above, Moda in Pelle have also been forced to withdraw from sale and destroy their 'Naomi' and 'Colette' shoes. Stephen Buck, who owns Moda in Pelle, said that the similarities were "entirely accidental and unintentional".


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