Summer. I love it very much, but let's face it, if you're wearing shoes without socks or tights, it can all get a little, um, squelchy down there. (Sorry.) Enter Fragrant Footings, by Summer Soles. These are traditional insoles with a difference - they'e scented, so instead of eau de sweaty feet, your shoes will smell of things like 'Garden Party Lemon', 'Kiss Me Til Morning Mint' and Bare Shoulder Smoulder Jasmine'.

I have both the jasmine and mint versions sitting on the desk in front of me as I type this, so I can confim that they really do smell gorgeous, and it's a surprisingly strong smell, too, which should definitely make a difference, In my shoes, meanwhile, I have a pair of the (unscented) Softness of Suede insoles, which are designed to be worn inside dressier shoes, including strappy sandals, and which come in a variety of exotic prints - mine are leopard print, which help keep the feet dry and make your shoes look more expensive into the bargain.

Sadly, we've yet to have much heat yet here in the frozen north, so I can't tell you how well they'll stand up to a hot summer's day, but so far the signs are good. Buy them direct from Summer Soles.

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