angeline-tournier-heart-tra.jpgAnother Friday, and another roundup of casual shoes to keep you comfy - at least until it's time to slip on the party shoes, of course.

Trainers are about as casual as it gets, but sometimes they can be just that bit too casual for work, etc, which is why we've rounded up this collection of metallic trainers for you. Metallics instantly dress up a shoe, while the narrower shapes of these selections make them suitable for wearing casually without making you look like you're off to the gym.

I particularly like these Angeline Tournier heart trainers which are £145 at Viva la Diva, and prove that casual comfort and glam style can go hand in hand. Take a look under the jump for some more...


Of course, if you don't want to spend quite as much as those Angeline Tournier trainers, Nike's 'Court Tradition' shoe is also seriously shiny, for just £44.99 at Amazon.


Looking for something with a little more personality? Ed Hardy's gold lace-ups certainly have that, although the skulls certainly won't appeal to everyone. They're $69.59 at


Finally, at the bargain end of the scale, these gold lace-up plimsolls from ASOS are simple, stylish and only £25.

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