Tartan: it's going to be absolutely inescapable this winter (just in case you hadn't already guessed), and this is a fact that fills me with dismay because, well, I hate it. It's all over the place like a tartan rash right now, though, and one way to wear it is on the legs, in the form of tights. Already quite a few retailers are stocking these: the ones on the left of the picture above are by Jonathan Aston, and are £7.50 at My-Wardrobe, while the ones on the right are from River Island, and are £7.99.

The thing that bothers me most about these, tartan aside, is the way the pattern doesn't match at the seams, but I'm guessing that, as they've both done this, it's probably pretty difficult to wrap tartan around a leg and have it match perfectly, so I guess we'll have to let them off.

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