So you start your day off wearing some pretty cool-looking trainers, but by midday, the heat has turned up several notches - you're sweating, your feet are sweating and you're generally just not a happy chappy. Or how about that day you glanced outside your bedroom window to see the sun streaming down, so chose to wear a pair of summer-worthy sandals to work. Unfortunately, (because it's the UK and all) by mid-afternoon, you can bet it's pelting down rain and you still have to navigate your way home around all those puddles...

Just as well you had these two-in-one shoes from Nat-2, which means you're prepared for any situation. Retailing at Wild Goose in Twickenham for £59.99, they can be mixed and matched with other Nat-2 styles. What do you think - good idea or silly idea?

[via Daily Mail]