juicy-cheekie33897.jpgEverywhere I turn I seem to be seeing cute Juicy Couture pieces - did they suddenly get super-chic this season or what? While these Juicy Couture Cheekie crochet slippers aren't exactly super-chic, they are the most adorable slippers ever. At first I swore they were for a baby to wear to their christening, but upon the description page loading, I realized that they were for women who were old enough to know how to swipe a credit card! Combining all that is sweet this season - frills, ruffles and knitted detail in one crochet bundle. The really make me feel like snuggling up in bed and reading a good book, thanks to the fact that the crochet detail seems to fit like a glove over an existing ballet flat. But who needs winter slippers when these will do the trick?

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