ashvavin_fpx.jpg I've never been one to fall for sneakers before, especially since I bought my first pair in over 5 years when I thought I'd take up boxercise (exercising is another nonexistent thing for me as well). The pair of sneakers that I were purchase that "inspired" day have since sat in their box under my bed. Along with the gym socks I was talked into buying in the store (a girl in a sports store must equal sucker). Anyway I digress, so back to these Ash "Vavin" high-top sneakers. I've never seen them in leather before, but they are kind of I-don't-care-what-you-think James Dean kind of cool. The distressed leather gives it a well worn look, like a leather jacket that's seen its way around many towns on the back of a rebel without a cause on a motorcycle. Perhaps these could be my next sneaker-whim purchase, after all $180 isn't asking too much now is it?

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