bliss-SofteningSocks416_hero.jpg Foot care is just as important as shoe care. While we may take our favourite shoes to the cobbler when the heel has worn down or spray satin sandals with water and stain protector, we sometimes forget about the part of the body that wears the shoe - our feet. Lately I have been obsessed with finding a pedicurist that does pedicures with paraffin wax. The treatment leaves my feet as soft as a baby's feet but unfortunately they're not cheap. So here's my alternative, Bliss softening socks. After exfoliating and moisturizing, slip into a pair of these babies for 15 minutes and you will find that their special softening polymer gel lining will envelope your dry feet and make them as good as new. For $48 a pair and with 50 treatments in one, they're 100 times cheaper than a pedicure.

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