999ay58701a.jpgIf I had a magic wand which I could use to banish one footwear trend from the earth, and assuming that someone else had already dealt with the Crocs situation, I think I would use my new powers to get rid of the appalling "boot that looks like a shoe" trend. No matter how many times I see this done, it never looks any better to me. Take these 'Como' boots, by J Shoes, for instance, which have been made to look like an ankle boot has been forced inside a court shoe. "Why?" is all I can think when I look at this. "Why would anyone do such a thing - and ruin what would've been a perfectly acceptable ankle boot into the bargain?"

Of course, one thing I've learned from writing for Shoewawa is that one woman's ugly shoe is another woman's glass slipper, so to speak, so if this style does it for you, these are £90 at Viva la Diva.

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