louboutin-fringed-peep-toes.jpgIt really pains me to have to file a Christian Louboutin creation under the "ugly shoes" category, but what he was thinking with these cut-out boots I do not know, because they look like a peep toe shoe with fringes glued clumsily onto the top - which is more or less what they are, of course.

The whole thing is even more puzzling because there is a version of these boots which doesn't have the peep toe bottom, and although they're not exactly my style, there's nothing wrong with them. Why, Louboutin? Why did you have to do this? And who on earth do you think will pay $1,795 for them? Of course, someone will do just that, and if that someone is you, you can buy yourself a pair of these at Neiman Marcus.

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