Thumbnail image for accessorize flip flops.jpgThis has to be the funniest (yet also the most practical) story that I have picked up on lately.

Police in Devon are offering women a helping hand (or foot rather) by providing free flip-flops to those who may have one too many Pinots and can no longer walk in their heels. A whopping £30,000 of taxpayer's money is going on the scheme to reduce the number of injuries caused by women ditching their heels at the end of an evening to walk barefoot.

"Sometimes people get drunk and you see them carrying footwear which is inappropriate," said Inspector Adrian Leisk. "The emphasis is on providing replacement footwear for people to get home in, should they find their high heels uncomfortable, inappropriate or soiled."

The initiative will begin next month, just in time for the Christmas party season. Ladies: do take note of Redfoot After Party Shoes, they are a Godsend. [via Telegraph]

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