shoe-embellishments2.jpgCrafty Crafty have noted that shoe-decorating is a hugely popular passtime at the moment, and I've seen some quite extraordinary transformations happen to the most ordinary pieces of footwear. My favourite shoe embellisher of all time has got to be Miss Bunny, who works wonders with shoes - turning boring old Primark and Peacocks pumps into showstopping shoes that are fit for the red carpet!

If you'd like to have a go at shoe embellishment, Chic Steals has some instructions on how she made the fab floral sandals pictured above, which were inspired by floral shoes on the catwalk. For more info on how she did it, check out this page. You can find out how to make something akin to the blingy, Swarovski stilettos on instructables...great way to turn a pair of old shoes into glamorous evening-wear!