If you were one of those kids at school who always doodled in the margins of your schoolbooks, or who, even now, loves to flex your creative muscle with a bit of fashion DIY, then the sight of these shoes by French blogger Le Navire Valsant will probably ring a few bells (ah, 90s fashion, gotta love it).

Since we're currently seeing something of a revival of this 90s grungy fashion, more and more of this kind of thing is happening again - just lately, I've seen some talented people who have obviously bought a cheap pair of canvas plimsoles and have then gone to town with a Sharpie and come up with some truly unique results. My drawing talent is dodgy at best, so I wouldn't even attempt this, but I'd definitely be interested to know if you do! And if you'd like to send in any pics to show me what you've created, then even better. You can email me on kelly[@]

[via Intercourse with Biscuits]