MySpace Fashion Presents The FIT with Paris Hilton

Prepare to feel absolutely ill in just a minute. Because if you react in a similar fashion to how I just did while watching the above video, then you are bound to feel just a wee bit sickly at the sight of Paris Hilton's extensive shoe room (no silly little "wardrobes" around here guys!)

From the gorgeous YSL cage shoes to the Louboutin sparklers, we are raging with jealousy and wishing we had *that* shoe room to go home to every day (although we might lay off the hot pink shoes if it was ours). While the plugging of her numerous product lines is a bit icky, it's not going to stop us from recommending this vid to anyone who is even the slightest bit curious about what the wardrobe of Ms Hilton looks like.

[The Fit at MySpace Fashion via Shiny Style]