SandalBoots.jpgWe've been overrun by shoe-boots, and now the next generation of shoe hybrids is upon us it seems.

Readers, let me introduce you to... sandal boots. Literally half sandal, half boot. Inspired.

I don't like them. I might change my mind if I saw them on a foot, but really, what is the point of them? You either need a boot, or a sandal. Not both at the same time. What's next? A fur bikini? And I know there doesn't really have to be a point to shoes, but they aren't even impressive to look at. They are just black. If you disagree, feel free to buy the Maison Martin Margiela black leather sandal boots for £464 (although for that price I'd want a bit more boot and a little less sandal).

Ok, my rant is over now.

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