Okay, question: How long would you stick around reading Shoewawa if I told you these leather thong sandals were on sale at ASOS right now for the paltry sum of £8? Yeah, I figure you've probably departed by now, to snap up a pair for yourself - the sacrifices I make to bring you great shoes, huh? (But I'm also hoping you'll return later, to read about more fab shoes...)

ASOS have taken a simple design and added a few extras on the back of the shoe to make them more interesting than your average flip flop, and as you can see from the picture on the right, they look really lovely on the foot. They're available in four colourways - gold, turquoise, dark pewter and orange - and, as I said before, they're just 8 quid, which is a great price for some good-looking real leather sandals (as you can see, I'm having a hard time believing that part!)

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