Sometimes when I come across classic shoes with bizarre detailing I always presume they were leftover shoes that have been updated in order to try and re-sell them. Take these shoes for example. I can just imagine some designer at Faith going 'ooh I know what lets stick some roses on them, I got loads of pink satin scraps!'.

I cannot believe for one second a designer actually designed these sickly sweet peeptoes from scratch! The simple style is quite classic and the colour is actually not hugely offensive if you like jewelled colours BUT those satin roses down the side!! There are no words. No words at all. They're just giving me horrible bridesmaid flashbacks. *Shivers* Ah, that may be it. Maybe they're catering for wedding season and all the bridezillas out there on the hunt for uh-gly shoes to help publicly humiliate their maids.

If you are one of them then they are £70 at Faith.

Ooh and did we mention there is a matching purse?

I love how Faith have a 'Remember Me' button, to store your fave shoes online but in this case most of us need a 'Forget Me. Now' option.

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