TopshopVCeline.jpgTopshop again, but the similarities between these 'Strictly' Multi Buckle Shoes and Celine's Panton shoe boots were too much to ignore. Topshop really is the high street leader for amazing designer copies - nowhere else does it better do they?

Both black, both open toed, both strappy (with the same amount of straps no less) they're almost a dead ringer for each other! Except the Celine ones are patent leather with a cut out back, and cost a not too bad £484 (ok maybe I've been looking at designer shoes too long if I think that's 'not too bad'), and the Topshop ones are suede, with buckles instead of poppers and cost an even better £65. The Topshop version also come in Magenta if that sways your vote. Which do you prefer?

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