I'm a big lover of exotic leathers and luckily for me they've been a huge trend for a while now. I always keep an eye out for skin-stunners and recently I've been hunting for a pair of flats that are suitable for work yet also satisfy my exotic-skin-addiction.

So joy of joys I found some...these Pied à Terre Garlasco flats! Exotic skin and pumps together -it doesn't get much better. These are just too beautiful, I heart the super luxe gold/cream colour it's guaranteed to add a touch of class to any outfit. Even if the outfit is Primarni.

They're reasonably priced too at £85 which is pretty darn good compared to some of the other exotics out there. The shoes are made from fish skin which gives it the larger ruffled pattern. A little bizarre and slightly icky I know but it's a nice change from standard snakeskins!

If the delicate colour just won't work in your wardrobe then P-à-D also do them in pink, black, and a white/black combo. I've got a ridiculous amount of pumps and these have already put half of them to shame.

Find them at Shoestudio and Pied à Terre Stores Nationwide